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Feature Requests
Feature Requests
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Requesting New Table Block

Hello Team,

This is Rahul from

You people are doing really great ..

I want to request a new block for tables in your plugin to completely vanish the need of any extra plugin for tables.

You may already... (More)

Improve Expand Block Features

Expand and Tab block is very helpful for experienced developer so please add option to use Images, HTML and shortcodes inside expand block.

Requesting Review Block New Features

Hello Team, I hope you are doing great,

I am Rahul from

I want to request some awesome features in review block of your plugin.

  1. Add Slider or Circle Rating type also { You have Only Star Rating}
  2. Add... (More)

postTitleTag block post

In the block post grid there should be a possibility to change the Post Title Tag from h2 to h3.