I've used your filter block to clean up a lot of messy content on an academic publications site.

Due to the way this info has to be organized, there are multiple filter blocks at work here (and some duplicated content, I know). All blocks are toggled to hide all content by default (again, there's a lot of content on this page).

I would like to be able to add an anchor for each filter item (not each filter block) and make it so that clicking on the anchor URL navigates to--and opens/expands--that filter item. At the moment, I can only do this with filter blocks.

Put differently, imagine I currently have filter blocks A, B, C and D. Each has 5 filter items i, ii, iii, iv and v. I would like to be able to add an anchor to, say, item Diii and have that automatically expand when the URL is clicked.

BTW, thank you for the great work on this plugin. It's one of my favorites, as you can see from the site.