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Forums Forums Bug Reports Error 500, Error log blocks/content-toggle/block.php Reply To: Error 500, Error log blocks/content-toggle/block.php

  • Alexis

    October 2, 2020 at 12:50 pm

    Hi @MoinMollie ! The error comes from the part where the JSON-LD code for the content toggle block is being generated. The contents of each panel within the block are supposed to be parsed before they’re added to the JSON code. However, they’re not being processed properly in this case, which leads to one of the parameters being null instead of the array that it expects.

    If you’re willing to help on debugging the issue, you can download a replacement file for ultimate-blocks/src/blocks/content-toggle/block.php that would prevent the error you’re experiencing and at the same time output the data that’s not being processed correctly. Afterwards, please share here what’s being outputted so that a fix for this bug could be made.