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Bug Reports
Hello, We have been using this plugin on our blog to display Gutenberg code blocks inside the UB tabs block. We use it to show code snippets in two different programming languages. However, since the last plugin update, the 'code... (More)

Multi Button issue

Love your plug-in!  But now when I go in to add a Multi Button I get the error shown below.  I've deactivated, removed and reinstalled/reactivated but it does not make a difference.  Any ideas what's happening???


Review block not working

I used the block and entered the star rating on the editor. But when I check the published page, the rating is 0.

Here's what it looks like in the editor:

And here's the published page:

This is... (More)

Review - Feature fuction not working

When I add a feature to an existing review, or change the stars of an existing feature, then it does not show when I publish the post. Also, then I go back in to edit the post, the new feature... (More)